Stehekin Discovery Bikes

Discovery Bikes is a family-owned mountain bike rental business in Stehekin, Washington. We have successfully provided for the biking needs of valley visitors for the past 30 years. Discovery Bikes offers hourly and daily bike rentals, as well as our popular biking package – The Ranch Breakfast Ride. No matter how long your stay in Stehekin, biking is simply the best way to explore the valley and discover awe-inspiring beauty.

Stehekin Fishing Adventures

Lake Chelan has a wide variety of fish to catch. Fresh water lingcod (burbot), rainbow trout, western slopes cutthroat trout, mackinaw (lake trout), kokanee salmon (silvers), and a few king salmon. The southeast end of the lake has some small mouth bass as well. The silvers, and king salmon run in to the Stehekin River and spawn starting around the end of August. The silvers usually don’t bite but you can catch a few king salmon in the river when they first head up.

Stehekin Outfitters
Address: PO Box 304
Stehekin WA

Outfitting, Guiding, and Day rides. Whether you grew up riding horses or have never been astride one of these tremendous animals you are sure to enjoy your ride with us. There’s no experience necessary to ensure a wonderful time. Choose from half day or full day trail ride along a mountain trail or an hour long lesson to brush up on your skills.

Tent to Tent Guided Trip, Hiking Trips and More.

Phone: 509-682-7742
Stehekin Pastry Company
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The Stehekin Pastry Co. is located two miles up the Stehekin Valley Road from the boat landing. Since 1989 the bakery has built a loyal following. We offer a variety of “from scratch” baked goods as well as espresso, ice cream and a limited breakfast and lunch menu. We take pride in the quality of our products and strive to create a friendly and comfortable atmosphere.

Phone: 509-682-7742
Stehekin Reservations

Stehekin Reservations is a one stop shop for all things Stehekin. Visit Nick at the Log Office located north of the boat landing just before Purple Point Campground (a five minute walk) Nick can help you make bookings for:

Stehekin Valley Ranch
Stehekin Log Cabins
Tent to Tent Campsites
Hike and Like it Trips (Stehekin Outfitters)
Guided Horseback Riding Tours and Lessons
Guided Fishing Trips (Stehekin Fishing Adventures)
Guided Kayak Trips
Dinner reservations Stehekin Valley Ranch
Massage Therapy @ Stehekin Valley Ranch

If people are looking to get around the valley on their own schedule, we have three Polaris Ranger Crews available for rent. For folks who want to get out on the water on their own, they can rent Craig Cat electric boats from 2 Miles N. Catamaran Rentals. (It is highly recommended that people reserve activities in advance). I am also available to answer any and all questions people might have about Stehekin.

CONTACT NICK @ 1-800-536-0745, or 509 682 7742.


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Stehekin Valley Ranch
Address: P.O. 36
Stehekin, WA 98852

Stehekin Valley Ranch has two types of cabins to choose from. If you’re looking for more of a “glamping” experience, our Tent Cabins are just the thing. You get the feel of camping but with nice beds to sleep in! For those looking for a less “rustic” stay, our Ranch Cabins  are fully enclosed with electricity.

Whichever you choose, kick back and know that our friendly staff will have all your meals provided for you and transportation throughout the Stehekin Valley during your stay.


Phone: 509-682-4677
The Garden
Address: PO Box 61 Stehekin WA 98852.

The Garden is located in Stehekin, Washington – a small but beautiful valley on the end of the cooling waters of the majestic Lake Chelan. The Garden offers fresh organic vegetables, fruit and goat cheese to the visitors and residents of Stehekin.