Lady of the Lake
Address: 1418 W Woodin Ave
Chelan, WA

Highlighted in publications like National Geographic and Sunset Magazine, this is a “Must See trip for anyone coming to Lake Chelan”. The Lady of the Lake makes trips into the heart of the Lake Chelan wilderness with surrounding peaks in excess of 9000 feet. Visit Stehekin and the Lake Chelan National Recreation Area, and Holden Village. The remote upper reaches of the lake can only be accessed by boat or float plane.

Phone: 509-682-4584
Lake Chelan Helicopters
Address: PO Box 1890 Chelan WA 98816

Lake Chelan Helicopters is committed to providing professional flights in and around the Lake Chelan Valley. Whether it is sight seeing the valley, touring homes for potential buyers or a flying wine tour, we are here to serve you. Call 509-860-9058 to schedule your flight today.

Phone: 509-860-9058
Mountain Barge Service.

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Stehekin Discovery Bikes

Discovery Bikes is a family-owned mountain bike rental business in Stehekin, Washington. We have successfully provided for the biking needs of valley visitors for the past 30 years. Discovery Bikes offers hourly and daily bike rentals, as well as our popular biking package – The Ranch Breakfast Ride. No matter how long your stay in Stehekin, biking is simply the best way to explore the valley and discover awe-inspiring beauty.