Evening Programs

During the 2017 summer months, Stehekin Heritage presented a series of Saturday evening programs at the Stehekin Pastry Company. These programs were well attended by valley residents and visitors.

One goal of our efforts to prepare and present Evening Programs is to showcase the unique character and fascinating history of the Stehekin community – a community we feel needs your support if it is to survive. With a year-round population of fewer than 100 residents, our voice is small.

The Stehekin community has been in existence since the late 1800’s. The first homesteaders were encouraged to settle here by the federal government through the Homestead Act. Early settlers invested their lives working the land within this rugged and remote setting.

Sixth-generation-descendants of those original homesteading families continue to live in the valley, as well as those who have more recently settled in Stehekin making this their home.

The Stehekin Heritage evening programs provide guests with the historical narrative of the people and cultural themes that make Stehekin such a unique community and visitor destination.

There are three different programs that highlight different areas of the interest regarding the community and its history.