Ron and Kim Scutt, celebrating lifelong dedication to Stehekin’s children

Dear Friends,

Stehekin Heritage was formed in 1984 to perpetuate, protect, enhance and share the heritage of the Stehekin Community. Through the ensuing 33 years, our purpose has remained unaltered.

We hope you will consider joining Stehekin Heritage
and supporting our endeavors

 Stehekin Heritage has advocated for the community, and visitors, in the following ways:

  • Public Testimony: including participation in ALL National Park Service planning efforts relating to the Lake Chelan National Recreation Area and North Cascades National Park Complex with thorough, thoughtfully written and public testimony; as well as face-to-face meetings with representatives, and policy makers.
  • Publishing: including the “Open the Road” publication which presented the case for reopening Stehekin’s upper valley road to Cottonwood; printing and distributing the annual “Stehekin Guidebook” which showcases local services (lodging, food, transportation, recreational activities) and is made available to thousands of visitors each summer.
  • Sharing Historical Writing: including the reprinting of Carol Stone’s book, Stehekin: Glimpses of the Past, a compilation of writings highlighting Stehekin’s exploration, mining and visitor service history; and republishing “Beyond Words”, a compilation of many writers, answering the common question, “What it is like living in the Stehekin?” – first published in 1987.
  • Washington D.C. Advocacy: including thoughtful correspondence with elected and appointed officials, as well as meetings in Washington D.C. to interact with elected officials and Department of the Interior administrators. The purpose of each meeting was to support the opening of the Upper Valley Road to Cottonwood and the cessation of land acquisition in Stehekin.
  • Local and State Advocacy: including assisting county and state elected officials with the understanding of the importance of Stehekin’s unique community and the value of visitor access into the North Cascades.
  • Visitor Presentations: including  “Summer Evening Programs” focusing on Stehekin’s history and culture as well as allowing the public opportunities to meet and interact with valley residents.
  • Financial Commitments: including considerable financial support for challenging the legality of National Park Service administrative decisions in the North Cascades National Park Complex.
  • Website Outreach: including the establishment of an online presence, and recently significantly upgrading our website and blog.  One goal, through writing and pictures, is to educate regarding Stehekin’s history, traditions and culture; defining  the value of community life in the valley, and the importance of visitor access into the North Cascades.

We believe our advocacy for perpetuating and protecting community life and enhancing visitor access into the North Cascades has borne positive results. HOWEVER, we know there is MUCH more work we need to accomplish to achieve our mission. The Upper Valley Road to Cottonwood is not yet open and Stehekin Valley land acquisition by the federal government continues.

We hope you will join us as we focus upon these two vital issues:

1.)  In order to perpetuate and share the majestic beauty of this area and to assure visitor access into the North Cascades, Stehekin Heritage is steadfast in its advocacy for reopening the Upper Valley Road to Cottonwood.

2.)  In order to protect and enhance the heritage of the Stehekin Community, Stehekin Heritage supports the suspension of National Park Service land acquisition in the Stehekin Valley.

The Stehekin Heritage Board  is acutely aware that many receiving this letter have supported our efforts in the past. As we encourage you to continue your support,  we are sincerely thankful to those who have validated the value of Stehekin’s community and the importance of maintaining visitor access into the North Cascades.

Others receiving this letter are being introduced to Stehekin Heritage for the first time. Our hope is that something in this letter, or on our website, will spark your interest in our small community – comprising about 75 year-round residents. Each voice added to our efforts will support community life in the Stehekin Valley and visitor access for all ages into the North Cascades.

Whether knowledgeable about these issues or being introduced to them for the first time,
please consider joining our efforts!

There are several ways you can do this:

  • Visit our blog and learn about the community – Stehekin Heritage Blog
  • Sign up to receive our annual newsletter and public input alerts (See “Receive Our Newsletter” at the end of this page)
  • Make a tax-deductible contribution to Stehekin Heritage in support of our efforts. You might wonder, “How will my donation help perpetuate community life and enhance visitor access?” – Stehekin Heritage Projects

Become a member – also tax-deductible. Hopefully some receiving this letter will know they’re ready to join Stehekin Heritage: Become a Member. The issues are really quite simple: To promote access into the North Cascades for visitors of all ages, the upper valley road needs to be reopened. To maintain a viable community in the Stehekin Valley, land acquisition by the NPS must cease. Please consider joining Stehekin Heritage and adding your voice and resources to perpetuate, protect, enhance and share the heritage of the Stehekin Community.

Most Sincerely,

Ron Scutt
Stehekin Heritage, President


Trapper Lake, Head of Stehekin Valley, once a day hike from Cottonwood Camp, former end of the Stehekin Road


North Fork, Bridge Creek, harder to reach for family hiking due to upper Stehekin Valley Road closure