Stehekin: A Mountain Community
Worth Protecting

Stehekin Heritage is a non-profit organization dedicated to defending the heritage of the Stehekin Community.  Stehekin is nationally recognized as a unique, historical gateway to the heart of the North Cascades

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Why Join Stehekin Heritage? Your support and interest can make a difference in the future of Stehekin – for the community, and for visitor services and experiences.  President Ron Scutt personally invites you to be a part of our efforts. Please take the time to read: PRESIDENT’S INVITATION TO JOIN

Remembering Billy Sullivan

Billy Sullivan passed on June 6th, 2021. His memorial was held on Saturday, October 9th, at John and Patty Wilsey’s home here in the valley. Billy’s grandnephew, Caleb Wilsey, conducted the ceremony.  Many of those in attendance at the memorial shared stories of Billy’s life.

Join us in remembering Billy Sullivan, send your memories, stories and pictures to

Get Your Copy of Glimpses of the Past

A rare collection of the early history of the Stehekin valley, head of Lake Chelan, in Washington’s North Cascades.

Stehekin Matters: Updates, Outreach, and Influence

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