Stehekin: A Mountain Community
Worth Protecting

Stehekin Heritage is a non-profit organization dedicated to defending the heritage of the Stehekin Community.  Stehekin is nationally recognized as a unique, historical gateway to the heart of the North Cascades

Join Stehekin Heritage! A Special Invitation to You~

Why Join Stehekin Heritage? Your support and interest can make a difference in the future of Stehekin – for the community, and for visitor services and experiences.  President Ron Scutt personally invites you to be a part of our efforts. Please take the time to read: PRESIDENT’S INVITATION TO JOIN

Believe us, contrary to a recent Seattle Times op-ed piece, Stehekin is ready to welcome visitors this summer! The Seattle Times op-ed piece and the Heritage response can also be found here.

Get Your Copy of Glimpses of the Past

A rare collection of the early history of the Stehekin valley, head of Lake Chelan, in Washington’s North Cascades.