Stehekin Heritage Mission

Trillium Festival, 2009

Stehekin Heritage is dedicated to perpetuating and protecting a viable community presence in the Stehekin Valley, as well as, sharing and enhancing public recreation throughout the North Cascades.

Stehekin Heritage is a non-profit, tax exempt organization established in 1984. The original purposes proposed in the articles of incorporation included the following:

  • Defend the heritage of the people of the Stehekin Valley

  • Help Support and Sustain The Stehekin Community Into the Future

  • Protect and support the rights of the citizens to pursue business and earn a livelihood

  • Give funds to activities that sustain community life

  • Support and expand public access and recreation in the North Cascades

  • Educate the Public and Elected Officials Concerning Stehekin’s history, present value, and it’s future