Land Aquisition Continues Without Consideration of Impact on Community

The private land base within the valley has been reduced by eighty percent of original private ownership since 1968 affecting the future character of Stehekin. With lands being removed from private ownership without limitation, we are at a critical point in time as to whether the value of Stehekin’s one of a kind culture can continue.

Legislative intent is clear. The Stehekin Valley was recognized for pioneering families, wonderful recreational opportunities and the ability of private business to enhance the area.

Stehekin Heritage’s goal is to preserve and protect what remaining private lands exist in Stehekin and call for “no further net loss of private land base value”. We champion the cause that all pertinent governing agencies recognize, adopt and support this principle, thereby displaying support for the future of the private community within Stehekin, by assuring permanence of our land base.

A Plea to Protect Stehekin’s Private Land Base

Calling for an end to further NPS land aquisition, Tom and…

GAO Report

We believe that many of the services, land acquisitions at lake…