Private Lands In Stehekin

Originally, 1800 acres of land were homesteaded in the Stehekin Valley by hard working individuals and families pursuing a better life, while enjoying their homelands of unsurpassed beauty. All private lands in Stehekin exist due to this heritage. Stories and history are rich in love of place as well as the persistence it has taken to survive the elements and make Stehekin a home.

However, there are now fewer than 400 acres of private land left in the Stehekin Valley. In 1968, (private acreage was then 1730 acres) the National Park Service began its quest to acquire private lands in spite of legislation that allowed for the original acreage See GAO Report: “Lands In The Lake Chelan Recreation Area Should Be Returned To Private Ownership”

Stehekin Heritage acknowledges and respects the pioneering spirit that brought settlers to this valley, many whose families remain and provide visitor services such as the Stehekin Pastry Company, Stehekin Valley Ranch, and Barnhart Photography.

Private rental cabins and lodging also provide beautiful and unique experiences for the visitor.  A host of recreational activities and support services operate from private lands such as day rides, kayaking, bicycle rentals, and the barge service that brings it all here!

**Stehekin Heritage stands for the preservation of all private lands remaining in the valley with no further net loss through acquisition by the federal government.