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100 Years of Stehekin Heritage!

Stehekin Courtney Homestead:Celebrating 100 Year Anniversary! Mamie and Hugh Courtney at the homestead, 1942 “….That winter, Hugh and Mamie put their name in for the old, abandoned William McComb homestead about a mile and a half up the road from the Lesh place. It was accepted, and on April 19, 1918 with Mamie seven months […]

Grizzly Bear Importation Halted!

Stehekin Heritage Grizzly Bear Update  Yakima Herald Dec. 19, 2017 “Official: North Cascades grizzly bear recovery work halted” “A decision on whether to bring grizzly bears back to the North Cascades won’t be made as soon as planned. “Efforts to restore the predators to their former habitat are on hold indefinitely, according to Jack Oelfke, the chief of natural […]

A One of a Kind View: An era of Look Outs

Seasonal work is a large part of Stehekin history and present day life in our valley and community. Summers spent in Stehekin are never forgotten. Firefighting has been a necessary part of protecting the area. Lookouts on prominent peaks were a major phenomena in their day. Read here of one account of public service high […]

Early destinations in Stehekin: The Field Hotel

A famous destination at the head of Lake Chelan in it’s day, the Field Hotel played a significant role in visitor relaxation and recreation in the North Cascades. Innovation to match the surrounding beauty and make a way to enhance the area are traditions passed on to present day Stehekin. A favored destination, read more […]

Hard work, character, and persistence: Making a way in Stehekin

Subsistence living was the heart and beginning of Stehekin history. Hard work was a daily reality of survival. What motivated people to stay and make Stehekin their home? Read an account of the reality of mountain living written by resident Mike Barnhart: http://stehekinheritage.blogspot.com/2017/09/the-first-year-at-homestead-reprinted.html      

“Access for All”

It isn’t just Stehekin people who want the Stehekin Upper Valley Road open. Many supporters gathered in Chelan to express their heartfelt reasons to the NPS for re-gaining access to the beautiful heart of the North Cascades. Representatives from the state, County Commissioners, hikers, Chelan business owners, visitors and property owners had a strong, unified […]