A Visit to Bridge Creek and Horseshoe Basin October 13, 1892 Part 3 of 3

Bill Buzzard: Miner, Rancher and Packer

Bill Buzzard first came to the Stehekin Valley in 1889 to check out mining at Horseshoe Basin. He then patented the Buzzard Homestead in 1904 which consisted of 160 acres. The Buckner Orchard and the Stehekin School sit on the former homestead. 
Here is an article from the Chelan Leader dated this week in 1896 announcing Bill Buzzard’s return to Stehekin after a winter down lake and the upcoming summer season. 

Chelan Leader April 3, 1896

William Buzzard arrived in Chelan Friday evening, en route to his home in the Stehekin valley, whither he went on Tuesday’s steamer. Mr Buzzard wintered in Spokane, and came across the Big Bend, bringing with him several head of horses belonging to his pack train. These he left at Meadow Creek for the present, where there is plenty of feed. He was accompanied by Richard Watkinson, an experienced prospector, who will put in the summer above the head of the lake looking for the precious metals for which that region is famous.

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