Jan 21, 1898

W.J. Margerum, recently from Salmon City, Idaho, has purchased the Wm. Ridinger’s ranch on the Stehekin, and will make that his home.

July 5, 1900

Messers Purple and Margerum, of Stehekin, were the guests of Henry Noble over Sunday. The gentleman called at this office Saturday evening.

September 26, 1901

W.F. Purple and Will J. Margerum have gone to Horseshoe Basin to work assessments on promising mining claims.

August 21, 1902

Chas. B. Wierman, of Salmon City, Idaho, came in Monday and went up the lake to Stehekin yesterday. Mr. Wierman is an old-time friend of Will J. Margerum and W.F. Purple, having spent the winter at the head of the lake three years ago.

January 2, 1903

Will J. Margerum was in town for New Year, returning to Stehekin today.

December 11, 1903

Will J. Margerum, of Stehekin, while in the city, Thursday, incidentally dropped in to the Leader office to let us know that he was still in the land of the living.

Feb 3, 1905

A letter from Will J. Margerum, of Cedar Grove Ranch in the Stehekin Valley, said the snow was “only” Five feet deep in that vicinity.

March 31, 1905

The Leader acknowledges with thanks a fine bunch of unmounted scenic photos form Will J. Margerum of Cedar Grove, Stehekin.

Sep 18, 1908

At Stehekin the republican nominated: as justice of the peace, Wm. Buzzard; as constable, J. Weaver; committeeman, W.J. Margerum