Grizzly -Letters in response to DEIS

**April 28th, 2017 was the final day to respond to the Draft Environmental Impact Statement concerning the appropriateness of helicoptering grizzly bears into the North Cascades. The issue of Grizzly Bear Introduction to our area is pending as we await the decision after review of public comment by the NPS. The following is part of the work Stehekin Heritage compiled and gathered during the comment period.

The following letters are presented to give a glimpse into the responses generated to the Grizzly Bear Reintroduction Draft Environmental Impact Statement. The deadline to respond is April 28, 2017. Please consider letting your voice be heard in this important issue that will potentially affect the future of Stehekin and the Lake Chelan Recreation Area for years to come. Please consider writing a letter before the response deadline on April 28, 2017.

WA_state_gov._Letter_-Grizzly_Bears_in_North_Cascades (1)
In 2015, some Washington State Legislators, as representatives of the citizens of Washington who will be most impacted by the outcomes of such action, drafted a letter regarding Grizzly Bear Reintroduction. The letter is concise and compelling, but has apparently been ignored.

Letter from Liz Courtney
This letter is from a long-time Stehekin resident. Be sure to read the **additional information she includes below the text of the letter – lots of good information

Letter from Ron Scutt
This letter is written by Stehekin Heritage President, Ron Scutt

Outline of things to consider reguarding DEIS
This is more an outline of things to consider regarding the DEIS

Letter from Chelan County Commissioners
This letter was written by the Chelan County Commissioners

Letter from Alicia Andrus
This letter was written by a concerned citizen from Oregon

Letter from Clint Campbell
This letter was written by a Chelan business owner, and Stehekin property owner. Many good points are addressed, and it is a good model to follow for submitting a response to the NPS.

Letter from Biological Scientist
This letter was written by a Biological Scientist (retired).

Letter from Nick Davis
This letter was written by a Stehekin resident

Letter from Wallowa County Board of Commissioners
This letter is written by the Wallowa County Board of Commissioners – State of Oregon. Well researched and presented.

Letter 2 from Liz Courtney
This letter was written by a long-time Stehekin Resident

Letter from Mark Courtney
This letter from a 4th generation Stehekin Area Resident

Letter from Dick Bingham
This letter was written by a long-time Stehekin resident

Letter From Carl Davis
This letter, and the attached analysis of the DEIS, was submitted by a retired Forest Service employee with personal exposure to Grizzly Bear managment in the Yellowstone area