C.J. Trow was born in Winnebago county, Wis., in September 1856. (Mr. Trow says if he is not careful he will give his age away.) He came to Chelan Feb. 29, 1889. Not being overly blessed with money, Mr. Trow states that he went to work for Wooding & Nicholas at their sawmill.

Mr. Trow was destined to become one of the pioneer skippers on Lake Chelan for he soon went to work on the Belle of Chelan, the first steamboat on Lake Chelan, owned by Follett & Goggins. He started as engineer but soon became captain of the vessel. The boat was 12×50 feet and made almost seven mile an hour. The drift wood along the lake was used as fuel. Mr. Trow operated the boat whenever there was any business and, in the meantime, worked in the mill.

In 1896 Mr. Trow moved to Seattle where he lived two years and from there he went to Idaho where he stayed a year. He then came back to Chelan where he again went on the boats here for two years more.

In 1900 Chelan County was formed and Mr. Trow was appointed county auditor for one term. He was later elected to serve 2-year terms in the same office, so for five years he made his residence at Wenatchee.

He then came back to Chelan and went to work in the Miners & Merchants Bank, where he was employed for two years. In 1908, and while he was still an employee of the bank, Mr. Trow was forced to be a candidate for county commissioners and won in the election. The road question was the big issue then.

After serving as county commissioner Mr. Trow came back to Chelan and moved on to his orchard and ranch, east of Chelan, where he has lived for the past sixteen years.