August 30, 1907

Stehekin Notes

Special Correspondence

J.F. Weaver went down lake Thursday en route to Alaska.

Jas. W. Nichol brought up a launch load of people form Moore Friday for a brief view of the head of the lake.

Prof. and Mrs. J.D. Huston, who had been camped here for several days, returned to Chelan Thursday.

Frank Palmer, a scenic photographer from Spokane, arrived here Thursday, expecting to visit Horseshoe Basin and other scenic points.

More machinery, supplies, etc., is being packed into the mines above the head of Lake Chelan this year than in any past year.

John P. Jacobson and family of Seattle, who have been guests of Hotel Field for a week, together with E.B. Curtis and others, went to Bridge Creek Monday.

T.C. Armisted, of Portland, Ore., and wife are guests at Mr. Purple’s. Mr. Armisted is one of the proprietors of the famous Hazelwood Creamery company.

Rev. W.W. Shenk, pastor of a Tacoma M.E. church, walked 34 miles from Thunder Creek to Stehekin Friday and went to Chelan Saturday, en route for home.

Andrew Storhow, who has been in the employ of Hotel Field during the summer, returned to Chelan Thursday to prepare to re-enter the high school September 2nd.

Misses Dora Storhow and Daisie Wright, accompanied by Mr. L.M. Weaver, departed Thursday on horseback for North Bridge creek, expecting to return Sunday.

The weather here, which has been cool, with cloudy weather and an occasional rain, has cleared up and become quite warm, with present indications for more of the same.

Wm. M. Earl, of New York, who is interested in the Crown Point mines on Railroad creek and has been stopping at Lucerne for some time, was a visitor at Hotel Field one day this week.

Editor Britt and son Bryan, who have been guests of Hotel Field for seven weeks, departed for their home in Chelan Tuesday. During his stay here Mr. Britt gained 29 pounds in weight.

John T. Davis and family, of Tacoma, who had been camping at Bridge Creek, went down lake on Saturday’s boat. Mr. Davis has some promising mining property on Park creek near the Thunder creek pass.

Forest Ranger E.O. Blankenship is cutting a right-of-way for the government telephone from Hotel Field to the ranger’s headquarters a short distance up the Stehekin, where a good building is to be erected shortly.

John Blackburn, who has spent the summer developing mines on Bridge creek and in Horseshoe Basin, came down Friday and went down lake Saturday en route to his home in Spokane. He had with his a box of exceptionally fine ore sample.

This section was visited by a heavy rain storm, accompanied by considerable electricity Saturday afternoon, which laid the dust beautifully, soaked several parties of tourists who were on the trail and muddied the waters of the Stehekin considerably.

B.P. Kunkler, wife and daughter, who have been in camp at 25-mile creek for about two months, were guests of the Hotel Field Thursday night. Mr. Kunkler, who resides in Seattle, has been operating the mines at Squaw creek for a number of years.

Messrs. L.W. Barnes and Col. John A. Green and their families, who have been taking life easy and feasting on brook trout and huckleberries at Bridge creek for three weeks, returned to Stehekin Saturday and will remain in camp here for several days longer.

Forest Ranger Blankenship has received orders to meet Forest Inspector M.L. Erickson in Washington pass August 31st, from which point the inspector will review the forests, various trails, cabin sites, etc., southwestward via Cascade pass to Glacier peak.

M.L. Oakes, scenic artist, who has been “doing” Railroad creek and Glacier Peak scenery for some time, came up to Stehekin Friday. His pictures, in nature’s colors, are unquestionably the finest your correspondent has ever seen of Lake Chelan’s incomparable scenery.

W.B. Hobart, who is in charge of the state trout hatchery, has received instructions to build an addition to the present hatchery building 14×18, which will double its present capacity. He will also whitewash the whole interior and make other improvements, including the laying of pipes for a more satisfactory and abundant water supply. He will endeavor to secure 5,000,000 fish eggs for next season’s hatch. Mr. Hobart has work enough laid out ahead of him to last a year and keep him “hiking” to accomplish it, but he is an expert in his line.

W.S. PcPherron, one of Chelan valley’s pioneer fruit growers, accompanied by his two brothers from California, Messrs. A.S. and J.M. McPherron, also Lloyd N. Pershall of Chelan, were guests of Hotel Field August 21st and enjoyed the fishing and other pleasurable experiences of this rare summer resort during their too brief stay.

Percy Walker of Wenatchee, accompanied by his two nieces, Misses Georgia and Hattie Walker of McGregor, Texas, were guests at Hotel Field Sunday night. They were brought up from Lakeside Sunday in a launch by Ross Robinson, accompanied by Joe Navarre, Ray Thompson and Henry Kingman. The boys made a night run back to Lakeside Sunday night.

Messrs. J.C. Wallace and D.A. Vroman and families and Messrs. Francis Little and Ival Pershal, who have been taking in the felicities of Horseshoe Basin, North Bridge Creek and intermediate points for a week or two past, returned to this point Friday morning and re-embarked on the steamer Swan (chartered for the trip) for home.

Daniel Fisher, superintendent of the Horseshoe Basin Mining and Developbment company, and Messrs. Jones and John Osborn, went down Thrusday en route to Spokane. Work on the big tunnel has been discontinued for a few weeks in order to get in supplies. Everything is reported to be in good shape at the mine, the chief complaint being scarity of miners to push the development work faster.

A jolly party of Chelan’s choicest young folks came up Saturday in a launch, arriving here about 2 p.m., and were guests of Hotel Field until Mondasy forenoon, when they departed down lake. The party comprised the Misses Blanche Larrabee, Lizzie Vernon, Anna Tritsch and Amy Ridenour; Messrs. Arthur Campbell, G.E. Renn, W. Park Smith and Fred A. Martin.

Louis Kinrod, a valued employee of Rogers & Howe of Waterville; Mr. and Mrs. Fred E. Baldwin of Spokane; L.W. Lewis and daughter of Seattle; Misses Daisie Wright and Dora Storhow, and Messrs. M.E. Field and L.M. Weaver of Stehekin, and Chas. B. Hills of Seattle, returned Sunday from Horseshoe Basin and North Bridge creek, and Mr. Lewis and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin and Miss Dora Hills of Seattle, returned Sunday from Horseshoe Basin and North Bridge creek, and Mr. Lewis and daughter; Mr. and Mrs. Baldwin and Miss Dora Storhow were passengers on the down boat Monday. All were delighted with their trip.