June 12, 1913

Notice to the Public

Notice is hereby given to the public that I will not be responsible for any debts contracted by my wife, Mrs. A.D. Bowen, after this date.

Dated June 12, 1913

A.D. Bowen

June 12, 1913

A.D. Bowen, who is down this week from Stehekin valley for a few days, reports everything flourishing in that new settlement. All those who were fortunate enough to secure lands in the forest reserve have settled on their homesteads, and are clearing out farms. The Lesch [Lesh] and Monaghan sawmill is now in operation in is cutting out lumber for the settlers’ improvements and the timbers for a new bridge over the Stehekin river.

May 27, 1920

Fred Bowen, of Stehekin, came down on Tuesday’s boat en route to Tacoma.

November 30, 1916

A.D. Bowen came down from Stehekin last week to spend the winter in Chelan. He states that on the tenth of last February the snow was over eleven feet deep in front of his cabin on his homestead.

February 21, 1924

Fred Bowen and L. Weaver, who have been trapping up the Agnes mountains, have moved their camp at Rainbow.

March 27, 1924

Mrs. Carter, Fred Bowen’s sister, was a passenger on the mail boat Tuesday with her nephew, Henry Bowen.