Nov 19, 1891

Frank Wilkeson and his son Bayard, who stopped a day or two in this city two weeks or more ago, are spending several weeks at the head of the lake. The elder of the gentlemen, it is learned, is connected with an influential eastern journal, and will probably furnish a good write-up of the beauties and resources of the Chelan country for publication.

Jan 14, 1892

It is understood that F. Wilkeson who visited the Chelan Mining District some time since and of whom mention was made in these columns, has secured a claim near the mouth of Bridge Creek and erected a large store building in which he will put a $10,000 stock of goods now on the way.

Jan 28, 1892

Mr. Wilkeson, who has been at work on his store for some time at Bridge Creek, is now staying at Moore’s Point.

March 31, 1892

Col. Frank Wilkeson went to Spokane Thursday to purchase a stock of goods for the store he expects to establish at Bridge Creek.

May 12, 1892

May 6, born to the wife of Byard Wilkeson, of Chelan, a daughter.

Sept 8, 1892

The Leader man had the pleasure of meeting Col. Frank Wilkeson, of Bridge Creek, at Waterville Friday morning. The Colonel was en route for home from a extended visit to Sound points.

Sep 29, 1892

Work of the Commissioners

They Manufacture New Precincts and Appoint Election Officers

Among other business transacted by the County Commissioners at their last session was the creation of several new voting precincts and the appointment of election officials. It was ordered that a boating precinct be established to be known as Lakeside Precinct, with boundaries as follows: Commencing at the junction of the Columbia and Chelan Rivers, thence up the south shore of the Chelan River and Lake Chelan to a point opposite Prince Creek, thence due west to the county line, thence southerly along the divide between the Entiat and Lake Chelan to the Columbia River, thence along the west bank of the Columbia River to the place of beginning. The polling place is at the Lakeview House, with C.W. Feickert, inspector and Wm. Henry and H. Hoefer as judges.

It was also ordered that a voting precinct be established to be known as Stehekin Precinct, with boundaries as follows: Commencing at Prince Creek where it empties into Lake Chelan, thence east to the summit of divide between Lake Chelan and the Methow River, thence northerly along said divide to Cascade Mountains or west line of Okanogan County, thence southerly following the county line to a point due west from the mouth of said Prince Creek, thence east to place of beginning. The polling place is at Wilkeson and Laude’s store (at Bridge Creek, 15 miles from Stehekin), with F. Wilkeson inspector, and Bayard Wilkeson and Thomas P. Ladue as judges.

The polling place for Chelan precinct is at the school house, DeWitt C. Britt, inspector; C.C. Campbell and D.A. Vroman, judges.

May 18, 1893

The steamer Belle made a trip up the lake Sunday with a cargo of goods for Col. Frank Wilkeson.

June 8, 1893

Dan Devore is engaged in packing to the mining camps above the lake again this year. He finished taking up a large consignment for Col. Wilkeson’s Bridge Creek store last week.

July 6, 1893

Bayard Wilkeson’s store at Bridge Creek is reported to be rushed with business these days.

Oct. 26, 1893

It is learned that Mr. and Mrs. Bayard Wilkeson have concluded to winter at Stehekin instead of at Bridge Creek, and have temporarily fitted up their warehouse as a store and residence combined. By this means they can keep in touch with the world during the winter months and the store will fill a long-felt want at the head of navigation.

August 31, 1894

From Stehekin

A valued correspondent sends up the following items:

Bayard Wilkeson of Bridge Creek is visiting his father at Hamilton for a few days.

George L. Rowse is making one trip a week with ten horses, packing ore from the Boston mine to the head of the lake.

The steamer Stehekin took the first consignment of ore from the Isoletta claim for the Pershall brothers Sunday.

Mrs. Frank Keller is visiting with Mrs. Wilkeson at Bridge Creek during the absence of Mr. Wilkeson.

Jack Durant and Dennis O’Brien are packing in their winter’s supplies from Bridge Creek, preparing for a winter’s work on Thunder Creek, cross-cutting their ledge, and will ship out ore next summer via Lake Chelan.

Alex Conrad was over from the Sound last week inspecting his claims on Thunder Creek, and thinks he will be able to send out some ore next year, if silver should remain even at the present price.

A.T. Green, of Waterville, with his family and a party of friends, were camping at the head of the lake last week.

Billy McGregor is camping at Mineral Park, on the summit of Cascade Pass and will spend the winter trapping in that country, while Pete Robichand and Geo. Young will trap at the head of the Agnes Creek this fall and winter.

Stehekin, Wash., August 25th

Sep 14, 1894

Mr. and Mrs. Bayard Wilkeson will make their home in Chelan the coming winter. So it is learned.

Nov 2, 1894

Bayard Wilkeson and wife are stopping at Judge Campbell’s this week. Mr. W. informs us he will move from Stehekin to Lakeside for the winter.

March 1, 1895

Mr. and Mrs. Bayard Wilkeson returned to their home in Stehekin today. They will be very much missed in Chelan and Lakeside society, whose best wishes go with them.

July 5, 1895

It is learned Bayard Wilkeson and the wife of Stehekin have gone across the range at Cascade Pass on horseback to visit his father and mother at Hamilton.

July 26, 1895

A private letter to a citizen of Chelan states that Mr. and Mrs. Bayard Wilkeson and child, who crossed the range at Cascade pass on horseback en route from Stehekin to Hamilton, arrived safely at their destination in six days.

Sep 6, 1895

It is learned that Mr. and Mrs. Bayard Wilkeson and family will return from Hamilton to Stehekin for the winter.

Sep 6, 1895

Mrs. Bayard Wilkeson arrived in town yesterday via steamer Ellensburg and Farley’s stage en route for Stehekin to join her husband, who came across the range.

Sep 13, 1895

The many friends of Mr. and Mrs. Bayard Wilkeson will be glad to learn that they will make their home in Chelan for the winter.

Nov 8, 1895

Bayard Wilkeson and family came down to Chelan Saturday on the Stehekin for the winter and have rented Wm. Gibson’s house.

Mar 27, 1896

Mrs. Bayard Wilkeson will go to the Sound for an extended visit about the first of the month and Mr. Wilkeson will return to Stehekin for the summer. Chelan’s society will miss them greatly, but there’s consolation of knowing that they expect to return to us again next fall.

June 12, 1896

Bayard Wilkeson started Friday, via Stehekin and Cascade Pass trail, for the Sound, for a visit to his wife and daughter and his parents. It is not known when they will return. Later – it is learned that the gentleman found the snow too deep in Cascade Pass to make it safe to cross, and more coming, so he concluded that the longest way around was the surest and returned to Chelan on Tuesday’s steamer.