What is Stehekin Heritage

Stehekin Heritage

Stehekin Heritage is an organization that was established in 1984 in the Stehekin Valley. The originating purpose in the articles of incorporation include the following:

A charitable organization working with, and giving aid to, the Stehekin Valley Community by:

* retaining and expanding industry and public recreation

* combating community deterioration 

* giving aid in the defense of civil rights secured by law  

* lessening the burdens of government upon the people of the Stehekin Community.

In addition the corporation is organized exclusively for religious, charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes within the meaning of section 501-c-3 of the IRS code.

The by-laws go on to list the following purposes:
" Defend the heritage of the people of the Stehekin Valley
" Protect and support the rights of the citizens to pursue business and earn a livelihood
" Give funds to activities that sustain community life
" To support and expand public recreation

Membership is gained by reading and accepting the by-laws and purchasing a membership certificate in the amount of $50. A contributing member is any person who makes a donation to Stehekin Heritage. There are 20 plus members within the valley and 25 outside the valley. In addition there are several hundred contributing members.

The mission of the organization is vested in a board of 4 to 9 directors. These directors are elected by the membership, annually, and charged with carrying out the purposes of the organization. Officers are president, vice president, secretary and treasurer. They must be a member of the organization to serve.

For the past 25 years (1986-2011) Stehekin Heritage has published the Stehekin Guidebook as a tool to promote tourism in the Stehekin Valley. This publication has provided an avenue for the businesses of the valley to advertise and it also provides valuable information for the visitor to the Stehekin Valley.

Several years ago Stehekin Heritage agreed to sign the special use permit with the National Park Service for the Community Hall. Since that time a number of clean up days have been held with great participation of the entire community. Stehekin Heritage has also provided funds for the upgrades that have been done in and around the Community Hall.

In 1984 Stehekin Heritage filed a lawsuit against the National Park Service challenging management policies in the Lake Chelan National Recreation Area. This lawsuit resulted in a summary judgment in favor of the federal government.

Community issues that Stehekin Heritage has participated in are: Compatibility Standards, 1995 Land Protection Plan, Firewood Management Plan, Airport Status, General Management Plan, Flood Rehab of the Stehekin River, and Telephones in Stehekin to mention a few. More recently, Stehekin Heritage has supported the passage of HR 2806, a bill supporting the reopening of the Upper Stehekin Valley Road, and published the "Open the Road" newspaper for distribution to elected officials and the general public. Currently, Stehekin Heritage is formatting responses to the Draft River Corridor Management and Land Protections Plans.

During the past several years, Stehekin Heritage has been in the background, rising to comment on issues as needed. It has become evident that Stehekin Heritage has proven to be a valuable tool for community supported issues.

The current Heritage Board of Directors consists of Ron Scutt, Cliff Courtney, Robbie Courtney, and Jim Courtney. Officers are President, Ron Scutt; Vice-President, Cliff Courtney; Secretary/Treasurer Rene Courtney.

Stehekin Heritage

P.O. BOX 1

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