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Bill to Rebuild Stehekin Road Passes House

Stehekin Heritage offers sincere thanks to U.S. Representative Doc Hastings, author of the provision for the relocation of the Upper Stehekin Valley Road which was included in the Conservation and Economic Growth Act, H.R. 2578. Congressman Hastings along with State Senator, Linda Evans Parlette, has tirelessly represented the interests of the visiting public who travel to Stehekin each year. Because of Representative Hastings' and Senator Evans Parlette's formidable efforts, Stehekin Heritage members, and those who have supported reopening the Upper Stehekin Valley Road to vehicular access, have reason to celebrate.

Even with the passage of H.R. 2578 by the House of Representatives much more needs to be accomplished before the object of this reasonable legislation can be fully achieved. For those who favor reclaiming access to the upper nine miles of road in the Stehekin Valley, it is imperative to communicate with U.S. Senators Murray and Cantwell - It's time for the Senate to support actions in the House of Representatives to reestablish public access to the Upper Stehekin Valley Road.

H.R. 2578 has now been sent to the Senate for consideration.

The Stehekin Heritage Board of Directors encourages all who support the reopening of the Upper Stehekin Valley Road to write to Senators Murray and Cantwell appealing for their support of legislation that will:

Stehekin Heritage encourages you to write Senators Murray and Cantwell today. Request that they support Congressman Hastings and State Senator Linda Evans Parlette by reestablishing the Upper Stehekin Valley Road for the benefit of all those who visit the North Cascades Mountains of Washington State.


Ron Scutt

President Stehekin Heritage

Press Release from Doc Hastings:

Bill to Rebuild Stehekin Road Passes House 

Washington, Jun 19 - The House of Representatives today passed H.R. 2578, the Conservation and Economic Growth Act by a bipartisan  vote of 232 to 188, which included a provision authored by Congressman Doc Hastings that would allow the National Park Service to relocate and rebuild the Upper Stehekin Valley Road.

“Since the Stehekin Valley Road washed out in the 2003 flood, access to the scenic North Cascades National Park has been limited to those who can make a grueling 10 plus-mile hike,” said Hastings. “I have always believed that our nation’s federal lands should be accessible to the public, and this bill allows the Park Service to rebuild the road while maintaining the integrity of the wilderness area surrounding the only access road in and out of this area.”

The Stehekin Valley Road, specifically protected when the North Cascades National Park and wilderness areas were created in 1988, is the one passageway that allows residents and visitors access to a portion of the North Cascades.  Over time significant sections of Stehekin Road have been critically damaged by floods and the changing path of the Stehekin River.  Because the Road occupies a narrow corridor within the borders of the Stephen Mather Wilderness Area, congressional approval is required to modify the corridor prior to the National Park Service rebuilding the road. 

Hastings’ language would adjust the wilderness boundary for the sole purpose of rebuilding the closed section (9.9 miles) of road away from the Stehekin River, provided there is no net loss of wilderness acreage.  It would allow increased access to an area that the Park Service estimates is already enjoyed by 1,300 campers and hikers every summer. 

H.R. 2578 has now been sent to the Senate for consideration.