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November 2017 – getting ready for winter

Apples and cinnamon simmering -on the way to becoming applesauce I once read an essay that a Stehekin School student had written about November. It was a short piece and it was not intended to be an amusing composition, but the depth of this young man’s negative sentiment about the gray, wet days of November […]

Reasons for reopening the Upper Stehekin Valley Road

Promises: Legislation – public access for all – public safety – valley culture and heritage “Because  opening the Upper Stehekin Valley Road is in keeping with the intention of all legislation for the area… Because  the opening of the Upper Stehekin Valley Road is necessary to provide public access for all and… Because opening the […]

A Plea to Protect Stehekin’s Private Land Base

Calling for an end to further NPS land aquisition, Tom and Liz Courtney, members of a subcommittee of Stehekin Heritage, presented the following on Janaury 10, 2011, at the NPS LLP and SRCIP meeting at the Golden West Visitor Center in Stehekin. Since this testimony, more acreage of private land has been acquired. As of this […]

Thank you for the support

Friday, April 28th, was the last day to submit responses to the Grizzly Bear Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS). Stehekin Heritage thanks all who used the “Grizzly Bear Information Library” and sent letters responding to the grizzly Draft Environmental Impact Statement (DEIS). For many reasons, we supported Alternative A, the “no action” alternative. Overall, the […]